The greatest event of it's kind in the world. What started out as a fantasy fair in 2001 has evolved over the years into a community of some 32,000  people, all of whom share the same love of fantasy, history, music and literature as well as the art for which the genre is famous.

Elfia attracts many artists, actors and writers to it's borders. Many of whom have become firm friends, and some even more than that.

People such as Thomas olde Heuvelt, the internationally acclaimed author and, of course, Uncle Roly's boy Stanislav Yanevski whom he first met at Elfia and who has become part of Uncle Roly's extended family.

The talent of not only the performers, writers, actors and artists can be seen in this magical kingdom but also the boundless enthusiasm of the thousands of visitors who are Elfia's population.

Elfia has now become an independent kingdom and Uncle Roly is proud beyond measure to be the Ambassador of Elfia to the Court of St James's. The embassy being based in Tintagel, Cornwall and fully equipped  with all the paraphernalia you would expect from Uncle Roly. Visas, passport stamps etc,  it all functions under his care.

The first and actual 'true' home of Elfia is the fairytale Kasteel de Haar in Holland. It is here that each April the largest of the Elfia communities congregates with the population regularly topping 30,000. The beauty of this castle can not be over-stated. The event quickly developed and it became necessary to include a second venue for the kingdom. This was soon identified in Kasteel Tuinen Arcen or Arcen Castle in Limburg close to the border with Germany. This has become to all intents and purposes the 'German' Elfia. It continues to grow and attract more and more visitors each time it's borders are opened.

Viva Elfia.

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