Whilst studying the legends of King Arthur and it's attendant stories of the Grail it was only natural for Uncle Roly to become involved with many of the peripheral subjects that tangent off in myriads.

The Ark of the Covenant, The Spear of Destiny, (In particular), the Grail, and many forms of ritual magick and Druidry have all become subjects which he has studied and lectured on over many years.

Whereas the Ark holds sway as one of the most powerful relics known to history it's whereabouts remain a mystery. Does it reside in Ethiopia ? Many conjecture over it's location, but it's resting place in no way stops it's study being undertaken by many.

The Ark of the Covenant
The Spear of Destiny 
The Grail Mysteries 
The Chalice Well
The Chalice Well
Initiation into the Grove of the White Goddess

In much the same way that the location of the Grail is always being speculated upon the exact place of it's rest will, probably, never be known for sure. Involved in the Grail legends are always the Glastonbury beliefs and Uncle Roly has long been considered a 'bit of an authority' on these.

Uncle Roly's passion has always been the Spear of Destiny. This relic is surrounded in the darkest legends. After many years of research Uncle Roly has come to the conclusion that the Spear and the Grail actually work together, or at least should do, but have been separated for centuries. If you ask him nicely he might even tell you about his theories.He is very proud of his involvement with the Grove of the White Goddess which is based in Northamptonshire. It is within their ranks that he feels very much at home and also enjoys the fact that so many of them are ever ready to lend an ear to his 'ramblings'.Uncle Roly is also a frequent guest speaker at the Anderida Gorsedd of OBOD based in Southwick, Sussex.

He always maintains this is a particular joy as he gets to spend time with his old friend Damh the Bard (Or 'Damn H' as he calls him) and his charming wife Cerri. Also look out for him on the 'Druid Podcasts' where he is quite a well known contributor.