Sacred Falls

It is a great honour and a very real pleasure to be invited to write this foreword. Professor Rotherham's outstanding historical work here combines the best in objective scholarship and erudition with am open and sensitive approach to the mystery and mythology that surround St. Nectan's Glen. The information provided here enables the visitor to make the most of this truly delightful place. The derivation of the name "Nectan" involves not only the celebrated Christian saint, but refers back a further millennium to Nechtan, a benign water god from pagan times. In his far off days, there were said to be nine hazel trees-the traditional source of wisdom-growing around St. Nectan's well. In addition to this gift of wisdom that is said to be bestowed on visitors to the Glen, there is a further gift of healing from the allegedly magical waters. In addition to its fascinating history and the myths and legends that surround the Glen, it is also an area of outstanding natural beauty, with an atmosphere that can only summed up with an ancient Greek word which , in English, would describe it as "A combination of the beautiful and the good". By the Rev. Lionel Fanthorpe.

Simmering Through the Ages

A collection of wonderful, mouth-watering recipes from the annals of history brought back to life by Culinary Historian Professor Roland Rotherham with invaluable tips by Master Chef Simon Smith. Written with humour and translated from many different historical sources, this book provides a veritable feast of fabulous food and fascinating facts from the Pharaohs' banquets of Ancient Egypt right through to the decadent splendour of the Victorian tea table. At long last wild boar pie, braised elk and stuffed dormouse are back on the menu! 

The Greatest Etiquette and Dining Tips in the World

Is it done to give a sugar lump to a horse the Queen is riding? Can you ask friends to dinner that don't get on with each other? When is it acceptable for a gentleman to run? Never fear - Professor Roland is here! All will be revealed in a book that will be a constant companion to you as you seek to ensure that your social functions are of the very highest standard. The Professor's great etiquette and dining tips and advice will take one from dressing a dinner table to suit the occasion, via the fine art of kissing a lady's hand correctly, to the acceptable attire for when one attends a coronation!

The Game of Cricket

From its early beginnings in Hambledon to the international matches played around the world, the game of cricket is beloved by many. Guy Clifford & Roly Rotherham have distilled many years of involvement in cricket into this book that will enhance both the understanding and enjoyment of the game. Divided into four sections, with useful diagrams, it covers playing the game, umpiring, groundsmanship and scoring. A great addition to every player's kit bag and every fan's back pocket!