Welcome to the personal web-site of Professor Roland Rotherham.


(Probably better known as 'Uncle Roly').


There is no doubt about it, Uncle Roly is a polymath.


Whether it's the world's myths and legends, comparative religious studies, military history, occult studies, cookery and wine, you name it and he has an interest.


Uncle Roly started out in the cavalry and served on the personal staff of  H. M. The Queen in his younger days and blames that for his love of good food and drink.


A well-known lecturer, before his retirement, Uncle Roly travelled widely speaking mainly on King Arthur and the Holy Grail. The Spear of Destiny being of particular interest to him.


He has also been broadcasting on BBC radio, both local and national, since 1993. His cookery slots on Paul Frank's Drive Time programme on BBC Radio WM being particularly popular with his recipes being regularly posted on the BBC WM Facebook page.


He has written numerous books, (Check on the publications section), as well as recording audio books.


He particularly enjoys his input to Saint Nectan's Glen, the beautiful sacred site near to where he lives in his beloved Cornwall.


Uncle Roly is particularly proud of his involvement with the Order of the Fellowship of the Knights of the Round Table of King Arthur, of which he is Knight Seneschal.


'Elfia' also figures large in Uncle Roly's life, being the largest community of it's kind in the world, it is believed.


Have a browse and enjoy, he may be retired but he's still alive and kicking.